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Unique education for economic growth in solo and micro companies

Affärskraft Värmland is a competence development project initiated and owned by The Wermland Chamber of Commerce. It’s purpose is to increase the level of businessmanship in regional companies with up to nine employees (named solo and micro companies), thus boosting the economic growth in the entire region. Swedish studies performed by Tillväxtverket (The Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth) indicate a strong connection between competence development and economic growth in small companies.

An additional purpose of Affärskraft Värmland is to act as a catalyst for the development of regional networks and cooperations.

The County Of Värmland has 15.928 companies. 91% of these have less than 10 employees. Therefore, micro companies are a pivotal group of companies in our county. If we can help them grow it will have an impact on the entire region.

Affärskraft Värmland will run for almost four years. During that time 800 individuals will receive competence development, adding up to a total of 25.000 hours of education.

The project is funded by the European Social Fund and Region Värmland, and has a budget of approximately 1.6 million €.


The Affärskraft Värmland curriculum includes different courses within subjects relevant to businessmanship. We offer courses in marketing, economy, leadership, sales development and ICT. Courses span from 2-3 days, and are performed in groups of up to 12 participants.

For participating companies the project starts with a 4 hour business development seminar, hosted by a business consultant. The purpose of this seminar is to analyse what competence participating companies need in order to increase their economic growth. These seminars are performed in groups of up to 12 people and are attended by only one person (preferably the CEO) from each company.

After the business development seminar every company is required to perform an internal workshop to determine what competence each employee needs to develop.

Next, every employee will get a login to our website, where they can sign up to the course they want to attend and administer their participation in the project.

We have engaged consultants as teachers and process leaders.

Target group

Affärskraft Värmland is open to any company with less than ten employees. However there are a few requirements: 

  • The participating company must have their head office listed in the County of Värmland.
  • The participating company is required to have at least one financial year behind them.
  • The participating company must be the owners main source of income.
  • The participating company must not have participated in previous projects funded by the European Social Fund.


Affärskraft Värmland has the following goals:

  • 800 participants.
  • Equal distribution of gender throughout the entire project. This means that we should have an equal amount (at least 40-60 %) of male and female participants.
  • Participating companies from all the 16 municipalities in the County of Värmland.

Partners & Cooperation

For this project we have partnered up with all 16 municipalities and all the economic clusters in the County of Värmland. These partners are pivotal for the success of the project, since they increase the reach of our marketing and bring it down to a personal level.


In order to track our progress and secure the quality of our work we evaluate every aspect of the project. All participants are required to evaluate the course they attend. An external team of researcher are contracted to evaluate what impact our project has on regional economic growth.


Project manager:
Helena Englund
+4672-561 40 85 

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